Floating 6 Volt Lantern
A versatile solution for many applications, the extra bright beam will light the way anywhere. Large handle opening accommodates gloved hands.
  • 6V lantern battery or an adapter to hold 4 D size batteries.
  • Waterproof and impact resistant
  • Beam Brightness: 7325 peak beam candlepower.

2D Value Bright
An economical solution for a hand held flashlight. Operates for 4 hours with Rayovac heavy-duty D cell batteries and 20.5 hours with Rayovac alkaline D cell batteries. Beam brightness is 5300 peak beam candlepower. Features an easy to use slide switch. Durable enough to withstand three foot drops. Yellow body.

Alkaline Industrial Batteries
Rayovac batteries are designed to perform in the most demanding work environment. Available in both Alkaline and heavy-duty.