Flint Welding Supply Company
2201 Branch Road
Flint, MI 48506
M-F 8am-5pm
Sat 8am-Noon
Saginaw Welding Supply
5350 Davis Road
Saginaw, MI 48604
Fax:(989) 793-9446
M-F 8am-5pm
Sat Closed

  Dalton Elevator
600 South Washington
Owosso, MI 48867
M-F 8am-5pm
Sat Closed

  Steve and Alice Budae evolved a garage-based business into a multi-million dollar a year corporation. Steve delivered the first loads of oxygen and acetylene in the back of a 1935 Buick Coupe. Steve stated, "back then, all you needed was a torch, a set of regulators, welding gases, a little welding experience, a lot of hard work and you were in the welding supply business." Steve and Alice have since passed away and their son Robert has taken over as president. Business growth and an advancing technology has moved us far beyond this basic approach.

  We now have a large facility with over five acres for future expansion. We have a large fleet of trucks, and over 20 employees to serve the south-eastern part of Michigan. Also, we have allfiliates in Owosso-Dalton Elevator, another in Standish-Jim's Prop Shop and one in Lapeer-Bouchard's Automotive, and of course Saginaw Welding Supply, started in 1964 by Robert Budae, serves the northern half of the Saginaw Valley.

   With more than 25,000 cylinders, we supply all types of gases for use in welding, medical, laboratory testing, industrial testing, fire extinguishers, food processing, EPA protocols, even helium for advertising with balloons. Our high tech computer system tracks our bar coded cylinders and inventory to provide our customers with accurate records. We have direct links with some of our larger customers for "just in time" vendor service.

  We were one of the first welding distributors to develop a direct vendor program for cylinders. We carried out this program with Dow Chemical and GM twenty years ago, before we everheard of "just in time." We have also implemented an Integrated Supplier program at GM and plan to have them linked with our computer system in the near future so they may view live inventory data.

  We were one of the first pioneers for bar coding of cylinders. We track cylinders from our dock to our customer's dock, to a location at the customer's site and then back to our dock. This helps our customer track all his cylinders and cuts down on lost cylinders at his site. Our qualified personnel provides the necessary support for our customer in this high tech environment so the customer can operate even more efficiently and effectively.

   Our president has over 30 years of experience in the gas and welding supply business, and our engineer has over 30 years of experience in welding technology. Together, they have appeared on many expert welding panels. Our sales staff has advanced upward through the corporation, so they bring a lot of knowledge and experience with them when talking to customers. Our truck drivers/sales people average over 15 years experience in the gas and welding industry. These drivers serve our customers better because of their knowledge and great attitudes. Our office staff has at their disposal all the technical resources they need to process all of our customer's and our own paperwork. There are very few errors that get past this efficient group of people. Our filler of industrial gases has the training and experience to ensure that all our cylinders leave the plant in the safest possible condition.

   Steve Budae envisioned giving the best service to all customers large and small with high quality products. This vision is carried out by a third generation of Budaes who have entered into the welding business. This will ensure a strong future with the proper equipment and our excellent staff. Our people will supply a high quality product with the best service.


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